The Flavours of Love – Dorothy Koomson


*no spoilers!*

Okay so the book I have most recently read is The Flavours of Love by Dorothy Koomson. Just to point out, I got the hard back edition for £1! I’m constantly looking out for her in Poundland cause I’ve found a couple of her books in there so far.

Anyway, I could not put this book down! I loooooved it. For those unaware, the plot is of a widowed woman, mother of 2, struggling to cope with almost everything in her life. Throughout the book she uncovers secret after secret, and the ending is nothing short of amazing. Koomson does an outstanding job of dragging you in and making her feel exactly what those in the book are going through. (This may be a very unhelpful plot line but I’m trying my best to not reveal any spoilers).

HOWEVER. As with every coin, there is another side. I feel as though the book raised many issues in a very short period of time. At some points it felt as though Koomson was attempting to give us the feeling of the last straw on the camels back? But for me, it felt more like confusion. Least because I have little to no experience with such issues, but also because at some points it felt as though I was dealing with 10 different issues in one breath, and for me there is nothing worse than trying to relate to a character and just feeling confused. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just an easy reader, but too much is too much.

Aside from this, I would highly recommend this book to fans of those such as Jodi Picoult (Another one of my faves). The story is very in keeping with the theme that Picoult and Koomson both do extremely well, which I would summarise as: not your average story.

Overall the book is a solid 8/10 in my opinion and as I said, I would highly recommend it.

Also, please leave comments and suggestions either about my writing or the book! I love to hear from people 🙂


Together – Julie Cohen

*slight spoilers!!*

Well… well! I have so much to say about this book, it’s really interesting. First and foremost, what a great story. It makes you think you know what the big secret is, but all along you had no idea. The plot of the book focuses mainly on a couple, and the idea that their life really couldn’t be further from what it looks like on the outside. And boy, is that true!

My initial thoughts when reading the book were that it seemed quite jumpy to start with. The timelines were confusing and I noticed a lot of the use of “the other day” in order to clarify timelines. However, when reading further into the book it becomes quite easy to navigate and understand the different time periods. Saying this, at the end of the book it really makes it work perfectly. It makes you look back on all the passages you’ve read in a sort of montage of memories you’ve lived, and question them all. (Really effective, I’m having major PBD (post book depression) over this).

Okay so something that I want to say, is that the book opens with a refreshing point of view in an upsetting way. Let me explain. Usually, when people are talking about diseases such as Alzheimer’s, there is a lot of understanding and people wanting to let others know in order for people to be more supportive and understanding of the affected person. However, this book shows the characters being somewhat ashamed of the illness. I personally don’t agree with this, but it makes you think. Then, when you arrive at the end of the book, it makes you wonder why they were ashamed of something like that in comparison to their big secret.

In terms of relating to characters, I felt a strong connection to Emily, the protagonist. The second protagonist, Robbie, I felt as though I was watching a rom/com featuring him and couldn’t feel as strongly a personal relation as I did to Emily. This is just my personal view, and I am sure will be different for many. There were a lot of passing characters, all of which I didn’t relate to and found myself speed reading their parts.

A really good technique this book uses is the trickle of information. You find out something key, in such a small way, that you’re not even sure you read it.

Overall, I would say for me this book started off slow, but taking everything into consideration towards the end and the finishing of the book, it has somewhat resonated with me and made me question things, which is something a good book should do IMO. I would rate it 6/10.

My favourite quote: “It’s not a lie. It’s the truth, only told too early.”

Please let me know if you’ve read the book, have any comments, or would like to voice your opinion on the Alzheimer’s topic! Would love to hear from people. Thank you!